Do not use the Cellulite Cup:

• If you have malignant or benign tumor, cancer.
• If you have varicose veins in the treated area.
• If you are suffering with fever and inflammatory state.
• After taking oral and / or injectable anticoagulant.
• In case of high blood pressure.
• If you experience dermatological diseases, skin lesions, sores, burns.
• If you have blood diseases, circulatory diseases.
• If you experience allergic reactions, eczema including contact eczema.
• If you have a large number of moles (beauty spots) on the treatment area.
If in doubt, seek advice from a medical professional.

Areas for use:

• Massage with the Cellulite Cup can be done on the following areas: legs and thighs, hips, tummy, buttocks, on the triceps and the neck.
• The Cellulite Cup must never be applied on the following areas : breast glands, mucous membranes, eyes and genitals.

Special instructions of use for the Cellulite Cup:

• Do not use on stomach if pregnant.
• Do not use if under 16 years old.
• Do not use on the injection zones if you have insulin dependent diabetes.
• Do not use after UV or sun exposure.
• Keep out of reach of children or animals.
• Use and store the Cellulite Cup at room temperature. Do not expose the Cellulite Cup to temperatures under 0°C-32°F and above 45°C-113°F (risks of damaging the silicone).
• Do not burn, nor puncture the Cellulite Cup.

• Do not freeze, do not expose to heating appliances.
• Do not clean with abrasive cleaners and /or stripping cleaners. Use only soap or shower gel to clean the Cellulite Cup.

• Do not ingest any part of the product.

Before you start:

A few minutes of preparation:
To succeed in your massage, you should NEVER USE your Cellulite Cup ON DRY SKIN. To enable it to slide and massage you, you must:
• must either apply oil (like massage oil) or cream (using slimming cream) to the area,
• or, if you prefer, have your massage in the shower taking advantage of the soapy water.

Making the perfect skin fold:

To perform the skin-pinch and roll technique, you have to 'pinch' the skin that is to say, the skin fold you will have made will then be moved and rolled. To succeed in creating this skin fold:
• strongly squeeze your Cellulite Cup to remove the air it contains.
• apply the Cellulite Cup against your skin, on the curbed side edges, without releasing it.
• release the Cellulite Cup: the fold of skin appears inside, you have done it!

How to perform the massage:

Remember: the skin should never be dry 

Example of massage for the lateral face of the thighs (known as saddle bags):
- Move your Cellulite Cup (do not leave it on the same spot to avoid the risk of haematoma) over the area to be treated horizontally then vertically - 4 minutes
- On the same area, make movements describing an 'S' - 3 minutes
- Finish with deep actions by pushing the Cellulite Cup down onto your skin (as if you wanted to insert it) then by pulling on the outside (without letting it go) - 1 minute
These three types of movements can be completed regardless of the area to be treated (buttocks, abdomen, hips, etc.).

Warning : Massage can be painful. In this case, reduce the skin fold (suction area) by pinching your Cellulite Cup less and reduce the time massage. When the massage becomes less painful (after 4-5 sessions), you can pinch a larger fold of skin and gradually increase the massage time.


3 to 4 weekly sessions with your Cellulite Cup for about 8 mn per area. This is indicative only, you must adapt usage to the treatment area and to the degree of your cellulite. At this frequency, the initial results appear after 3-4 weeks. Once results are obtained, one weekly massage is enough to maintain the results.

Side effects

• Ordinary effects: redness of the skin - itching sensation, due to the increased vascularity of the treated area. These effects disappear within minutes after the end of the massage.
• Frequent effects: occurrence of small haematomas. If they are not painful, you can continue with the treatment as usual. Otherwise, allow more time between sessions so your skin gets used to it.
• Rare effects: cutaneous eruptions - redness persists.

We remind you that the loss of your cellulite involves using the Cellulite Cup massage combined with a regular balanced diet and adapted exercise.

Cellulite Cup disclaims any liability for non-compliance with these instructions of use.
Cellulite Cup also declines any liability in the incurrence of varicosities.
Under normal use and cleaning, the lifespan of the Cellulite Cup is a minimum of 2 years.