Armorous™ Protective Armor Nail Gel
Armorous™ Protective Armor Nail Gel
Armorous™ Protective Armor Nail Gel
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Armorous™ Protective Armor Nail Gel

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LADIES: Finally Keep Your Nails Long and Strong nails break, peel, and bend way too easily.

I've tried everything. But I still haven't found the right product that keeps my nails strong without breaking the bank. 

Can you relate to this?              

If so, at least we can take comfort knowing that plenty of women like us deal with the same thing.

Nails are important! You and I both know it.

It feels good for us to keep them in tip top shape.

You know what? I say put an end to the damaged nails NOW.

And with Armorous™ Protective Armor Nail Gel you can:

  • Restore Nail Health: Armorous™ restores nails damaged from gel, glue, and acryllics back to original health
  • Encourage Growth: Keratin rich gel speeds up natural and healthy nail growth
  • Protect Against Breaks: strengthen your nails to provide you against the possibility of future breaks
  • Enhance Vibrancy: use Armorous™ as a base to make whites brighter and nail beds pinker
  • Gain Manicure Longevity: apply as a top coat over manicures to ensure they last 4 times as long

Beauty Lovers Who Can't Get Enough of Armorous™

  Love this stuff

Love this stuff! I put it on my nails after getting a professional mani/pedi. It lengthens the life of my polish by 7-10 days on my fingernails (it only lasts 1-2 days if I don't use it). When I put this over freshly painted pedicure it will last until my nails have grown out enough that I just need to repaint them.

- Harless


This works amazing! I have the thinnest, weakest nails ever. They bend backwards and forwards, and are constantly peeling, splitting, and breaking. I've tried everything from cheap to expensive nail hardeners to try and improve them, all without any luck. A friend was raving about this one day, so I decided to order it and give it a try. It truly does work great! My nails no longer peel or bend as long as I'm wearing this. This is like a very, very thin coat of acrylic (like regular acrylic nails), but isn't thick at all. I use two coats which works perfectly! Clear, pretty, and works great!

- TJ


This stuff is insane. It works so well that my nails grow and don’t break. I actually have to file my nails to keep them from getting too long. I put two coats on first, no matter what. And if using regular nail polish not the gel look kind then I use two coats as the top coat. I’ve been using it for several years now and start growing my nails in the spring, after the heavy gardening time, and just keep growing my nails up to the holidays, when they are quite long and beautiful. After the holidays I file them down and start growing them again in the late spring. 

- Kylie Paris

  Great nail product.

Always have a time growing my nails, when they would grow they would always break or chip. I started to look around for products to help me out, the ones I found were just too much but then I came across this, read the reviews and decide to give it a hard. And I'm glad I decide to order this because after a couple of weeks of using this product my nails look great, no breaking or chipping. I sometimes use this as a base top before polishing my nails but then sometimes I just use it by it self because the light pink is a really nice color. So glad I gave this a try and have recommended it to my of my friends.


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Over 11,000 Armorous™ Bottles Sold so Far!

Why Smart Women Like You Choose Armorous™

Take a moment to imagine your wonderful healthy nails after using Armorous™.

Your whites are bright and your nail beds are a vibrant pink. Your nails are shiny and scratch free.

Physically demanding job? No problem. Your nails just won't break.

Everyone you talk to can't believe how long and beautiful they are. Your nails are the nails everyone wants...and you can have this.

The secret lies in the Keratin rich gel found in Armorous™.

Keratin works right under your nails to fully restore them to maximum health.

Wave goodbye to battered nails. Say hello to incredible nail health.

Here's how Armorous™ works 24/7 to help you:


When you apply Armorous™ it immediately gets below your nail beds and goes to work. At a cellular level, your nails will be repaired with the utmost attention to detail.


Once repaired, Armorous' job is far from over. Now your nails will be fully protected against the possibility of future breaks. Go ahead and climb the cliff you've always wanted to. Your nails will be up for the task!


Keratin is a natural growth catalyst for nails. Expect your nails to grow faster and fuller - 100% naturally. 


An elegant and luxurious coat will cover your nails from the base to the tip. Your colors will be more vibrant. Your texture will be sleeker. Gain the model like nails you've always wanted.

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Product Details

Net Weight: 0.50 fl oz

Natural Protein: Keratin

Package Includes: 1pc x Armorous™ Protective Armor Nail Gel

More Happy Armorous™ Users!

  Armorous layers well and doesn't chip easily.

Purchased as a dupe for Dior Nail Glow, and I have to say...I prefer this product. Nail Glow tends to flake with more than one coat, but Armorous layers well and doesn't chip easily. I love that it's a low maintenance manicure that makes such a difference in the look of my nails.

- Bethany

  ...2 years and my nails have never looked better.

I've used this for 2 years and my nails have never looked better. The last 3 bottles I have purchased have all been full and vibrant. All of my nails have stayed strong and togehter. Whatever formula they use is amazing.

- Nikki C

  100% satisfied with this amazing product!

I work an extremely physical job, full time, where I was constantly breaking my nails no matter how hard I tried. Finally, I decided to give this product a try! I've been using this product for a few months now and it has worked wonders! I follow the directions, removing and applying a new coat once a week and I have reaped the benefits. My nails are no longer fragile and can actually keep length to them even with my demanding job.

- Kelsi Templin

We're so sure you'll love your Armorous™ Protective Armor Nail Gel, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't wait any longer to take back the incredible nails you once had!

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