BotBark™ Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device
BotBark™ Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device
BotBark™ Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device
BotBark™ Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device
BotBark™ Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device
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BotBark™ Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device

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Stop your dog's constant barking instantly with revolutionary ultrasonic technology!

You love your sweet little pooch, don't you?

Of course you do! 

All cuddly and furry...happy to see you after you've been gone for 5 minutes, always cheering you up. What's not to love about dogs?!

Oh wait... The Barking...

Ah yes, non-stop. All you want is some peace and quiet, but your beloved doggie has other ideas in mind.

Yap yap yap all while you're trying to get some work done or sleep. Wouldn't you love to have some silence from the noise?


BotBark™ Anti Barking Device does exactly this. Keep your dog relaxed and bring yourself some peace of mind.

Here's how BotBark™ helps you:

  • Stops the barking - finally rest without constant noise
  • Easy to install - set up your device in just 5 minutes
  • Works automatically - no need for you to press any buttons 
  • Safe for dogs - hushes barking without harming your best friend
  • You won't hear it - the sound is inaudible to human ears


Dog Lovers Who Used BotBark™ to Relax Their Pooch

  It actually works...thank you guys

Our 1 year old Husky has consistently barked inside the house. We got this device and it was so effective we couldn't get a video in time to show the look of bewilderment on my Husky the first three times she barked after we turned it on. Since then, she no longer barks in the house for no reason. The device doesn't hurt the dog as the dog still barks with reason when someone knocks at the door. It was enough to stop the unnecessary barking.

- Eric Marty


- Catherine Glenn
  I wish I could've found this product earlier

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BotBark™ can only be found on Supply is strictly limited.

Get yours before they're sold out!

Why Over 137,000 Dog Owners Choose BotBark™ 

With so many options to choose from, there's a reason why dog lovers pick BotBark™ time and time again.

When it comes to quieting your dog, we don't just "do it" - we do it better - for you.

Quick Setup

Several anti barking devices require a complicated setup process. What's the point of a complicated setup if all you want to do is relax your dog?

You can setup BotBark™ in just 5 minutes, and continue on with your daily life.


Once BotBark™ is up and running, you don't have to do anything to keep your dog quiet. 

After roughly 3 barks, your device will automatically emit ultrasonic sound to settle down your pooch.

No holding the device, no button pushing... just plug it in and let it work for you.


Other anti barking devices use harmful methods and painful noise to quiet your member of the family. Sometimes owners can even hear the gruesome sounds!

BotBark™ keeps your beloved pet safe.

The revolutionary ultrasonic sounds are completely harmless to dogs, and inaudible for humans. 

Rest assured knowing your pawed pal is under no stress.

5 Easy Steps to Setup BotBark™

After just 5 simple steps to setup the anti barking device, you'll never have to touch it again:

1. Place device 1 - 2 meters away from cage or kennel (keep from getting wet).

2. Drill holes in wall (according to the mounting plate) near a power outlet.

3. Screw plastic base and mounting plate into the drilled wall. 

4. Adjust the device's direction towards the dog's activity area.

5. Plug BotBark™ in and enjoy a quiet household!

Product Details

Power Supply: DC 8.4V, 500mA

Power Adapter Voltage: AC 100V~240V

Size: 7 *13 * 5cm / 2.8 * 5.1 * 2in

Package Includes: 1*Anti Barking Device, 1*Power Adapter, 1*Mount, 1*Accessories Set, and 1*User Manual

More Dog Owners Who Achieved Peace and Quiet

  My dogs have finally hushed :)

- Nurse Jen
Woow!!! Honestly I was a little hesitant about ordering this. I'm horrible at leaving a review, this product worked for my dogs. I have different breeds worked on all. when I noticed it worked....  The Barker didnt even bark she went straight under the couch hahaha!!! So dont hesitate to set it up, it worked for mine. It'll work for yours too.
- dean luis

We're so sure you'll love your BotBark™ Anti Barking Device, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

You have nothing to lose and your sanity to gain. Basically a win-win wouldn't you say? Of course!

Get yours now while they're still available. 

Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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