ByePest™ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
ByePest™ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
ByePest™ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
ByePest™ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
ByePest™ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
ByePest™ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
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ByePest™ Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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Your Yard is a Mess? Your Kids are Getting Sick? The Culprit...PESTS!!!

ByePest™ - The safest way to drive away pests instantly!

Get rid of squirrels, racoons, skunks, moles, mice, rats, bats, foxes, deers, bears, birds (pigeons, woodpeckers, seagulls), stray cats and dogs, etc.

Designed by pest control's how it works:

ByePest™ blasts powerful ultrasonic sounds and flashes LED strobe lights to scare away a wide variety of pests. Once unwanted animals enter the protection range, the PIR sensor starts to work, then it will emit ultrasonic waves and the red light will be turned on so that it repels the animal.

A breakthrough technology that actually works!

 ByePest™ protects your family from pest-borne diseases.

Pests can carry many diseases including rat-bite fever, hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), tularemia and salmonellosis. Some of these can be fatal and treatment cost can put a dent in your pocket!

No need for expensive pest control services.

For a low, low price of just $47.99 for ByePest™ you don't have to hire pest control services. Mice or rat control alone can be $200 to $2000 for removal and cleanup. That's just the tip of the iceberg because most pest control companies either recommend or require regular maintenance visits, which can run into thousands of dollars in annual cost.


  • Keep Pests Away. The unit emits sound waves at a frequency which is only audible to animals.
  • Ideal for protecting lawns, flower beds, ponds and path ways.
  • Solar Powered. Solar panels can effectively charge the product so there's no need for a power outlet.
  • Motion Sensor. The PIR sensor starts to work once animals enter the protection range, then it will emit ultrasonic waves to repel the intruder.
  • Practical Design. Portable and small size, cost effective and eco-friendly. Works under any weather, water resistant, wind and rust proof.
  • Easy to Use. Just stick it to ground soil where there is plenty of sunlight and switch it on. 
  • Not available in stores.


Rated Voltage: 220V
Material: ABS
Sensor: PIR Sensor
Ultrasonic Frequency: 13.5-40 Khz
Detection Range: Up to 8m / 26ft
Detection Angle: 110 degrees
Ultrasonic Coverage Area: 30 Feet @ 1100 = 2425 Square Feet
Power Supply: 4*Ni-MH 800mAh Rechargeable Batteries (Included)
Battery Working Time: 6-8H (Continuous Work)
Waterproof: IPX4


Check out what a growing number of satisfied customers are saying:


By, Vanessa on April 28, 2018


So far, so good! I planted these sonic stakes over the weekend to get rid of a gopher that's been tearing up my lawn. The next morning, instead of multiple mounds of dirt, there was one tiny spot. The second day, no sign of the gopher at all. I didn't want to use traps or poison... this has been the perfect solution. Thank you!

By, Justin on March 30, 2018


I put this solar animal repellent in my backyard vegetable garden to keep the squirrels away, it is very easy to set up, and the ultrasonic waves and red light will work if the sensor notices any moving objects. It is waterproof so it can be used in any type of weather, now I don’t need to worry about squirrels stealing my beans anymore.

By, John on April 23, 2018


"Hidden in plain site. The los Angeles night time bring out the possums, raccoons, skunks. One day a family of raccoons was feeding off the fruit in my back yard I was so scared to get out of my car. I honked much to the displeasure of my neighbors. I had enough. I bought this and since I bought it not only have a noticed a decrease in excrement in the back yard, I haven't seem the night time residents in my back yard. Great Relief."

By, Matthieu on April 15, 2018


"I love that the motion sensor lights up upon sensing motion. I can adjust as needed to target specific critters. I used this at the entrance of my garage to keep critters (both with wings and without) out."

By, Brandon on April 8, 2018


"We have a lovely area of heathers leading to our front door, trouble was cats thought so as well. very soft to walk on and leave a thank you card in the form of poo. We bought this to try to repel them. It have been in place now for about a month, and no mess to clear up. they seem to be doing a good job. very pleased."

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Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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