Squiffle™ Extreme Bouncing Water Ball
Squiffle™ Extreme Bouncing Water Ball
Squiffle™ Extreme Bouncing Water Ball
Squiffle™ Extreme Bouncing Water Ball
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Squiffle™ Extreme Bouncing Water Ball

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The ULTIMATE Solution to a Boring Day on the Water - Have a Blast With Everyone

  • STOP Summer Boredom: whether at the ocean, lake, or pool, end your boredom instantly
  • Have a Ton of Fun: kids and adults alike can't get enough of living in the fast lane with Squiffle™
  • Bounces Fast and Farfaster, further, and higher than any other water ball
  • Take With You Anywhere: as long as there's water, you can enjoy an awesome experience with friends and family
  • Lasts a Lifetime: specially designed to handle usage for thousands of days without falling apart

Over 17,300 Sold so Far!

Extreme Fun At All Times 

Squiffle™ Extreme is the ultimate solution to a boring day. No matter if you're a kid or an adult, everyone loves it!

After many years of refining our design, we've developed the perfect toy to please everyone.

And we sure did! That's why Squiffle™ was recently named the #1 most popular water toy in America. 

We guarantee you'll love it just as much as everyone else does.

Fast, Far, and High

We didn't put "extreme" in the name for no reason.

You can bounce Squiffle™ across the water to your friends and family up to 150 yards away! And it can reach a height of up to 10 feet in the air.

That's insane! Who wouldn't love that?! Only someone who hates fun!

But you're not someone who hates fun. You love fun, and we gave it to you.

Watch how everyone around you wants to join in when they see the speed of Squiffle™. It's truly a sight to behold.

All You Need is Water

Squiffle™ can be taken anywhere you go. And to use it, the only thing you need is water.

So whether you're at a beach, your cabin, or boating over the ocean, it doesn't matter! 

You can enjoy Squiffle™ no matter where you go. Even if it's just a short trip to your backyard pool, you can be sure Squiffle™ will provide you unlimited fun.

Soft to Catch, Easy to Throw

Not only was Squiffle™ made to be as fun as possible, but it was also created to be easy to use.

Squiffle™ is sturdy, but very soft. Even when the ball is flying to you at top speed, there's no need to worry! It won't hurt at all.

Along with being safe, it's extremely easy to throw. 

It only takes a few minutes of practice to get the hang of the water bounce. And once you do, you'll never be able to stop playing!

Product Details

Material: TPR, mesh cloth

Size: 7 cm across

Color: random (yellow, red, blue, green, or black)

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Package Includes:

1 x  Squiffle™ Extreme Bouncing Water Ball

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Happy Squiffle™ Users!

  A lot more fun than expected.

Never heard of the thing or used one in the past. Just purchased one to take on a trip to Cancun with two other couples. Turned out to be a big hit. Took a little trial and error to get it to skip in the big pool but once we got it we became the sensation for all the sunbathers to watch. The darn thing really hops on water...seems to pick up speed after the first hop. Definitely got a work out from it. Like me, don't bother with the beginner balls, this one is rated "Extreme" but we got the hank of it in minutes.

- Turn Towards Me

  Don't Think Twice About Buying This Ball

I bought my first Squiffle about 3-4 months ago before heading to a Mexican all-inclusive resort. I was looking for something my son and I could throw around in those expansive pools. I actually bought the ball because of the glowing reviews right here on Dealiciously.com. My immediate impression after using the ball was WOW! It took a little while to master the throw but once you learn it's a TON of fun. I've bought a few more over the years - mostly to give out as gifts. We have a boat now and when my son and I start to toss the Squiffle while hanging out near the beach or swim area there is ALWAYS a few who want to join in. Seeing skilled throwers skip the Squiffle from 30 - 40 yards apart is a sight to see. Any one who has ever joined us leaves asking 2 questions:

1. What's the name of that ball?
2. Where do I buy one?

NOTE: A skilled Squiffle thrower will skip the ball off the water just once when throwing to a partner. To do this, I always instruct others by using this phrase: "Think 2/3 with speed". Meaning throw hard (like skipping a stone) but the skip should hit about 2/3 of the distance to your partner. HAVE FUN!!!

- Chris

  Worth every penny

Immediately after receiving this I tried it out. It is one of those things that you don't know what to expect but turns out great. This little ball, about half the size of a baseball, can fly tens of feet (possibly up to about 150 ft). It can bounce on the water up to about 10 feet in the air. It is a fun product to play toss with your family, start a keep away game, or even play a water version of ultimate frisbee. Whenever I go on the water, my friends always want to use it.

- Very fun to use
- Seamlessly skips on water and bounces up to 10 ft high
- Can become an extremely athletic game of catch and ultimate Squiffle
- Can use it anytime, anywhere in the water

- Can stop bouncing abruptly
- Easy to loose (very small)

Bottom Line:
It is a fun, new, toy that I will be definitely using a lot.

- Simon


Labeled extreme for a reason. Took this little gem with me for a week on the lake. The distance on this is crazy, like 100-150 feet easy in one skip. The ball fits in your palm almost the same size as a golf ball made of a gel-like material. Many inquiries as where I got it from the neighbors. Unlimited fun.

- Joe Shmoe

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We're so sure you'll love your Squiffle™ Extreme Bouncing Water Ball, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Never sit there in the water wondering what to do ever again. Be the talk of the day with Squiffle™!

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