Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector (2pcs/set)
Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector (2pcs/set)
Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector (2pcs/set)
Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector (2pcs/set)
Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector (2pcs/set)
Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector (2pcs/set)
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Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Protector (2pcs/set)

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Instantly Stop Your Cat From Ruining Pricey Furniture!

  • Protect Your Furniture from damaging cat scratches
  • Stop Wasting Money on repairing or buying new furniture
  • Virtually Invisible clear design makes Guardling™ unnoticeable 
  • Fits All Sizes of furniture because of its flexible build
  • No Need to Buy More due to being built to last up to 9 years
  • Safe For Your Cat without harmful pins or dangerous materials

Why Cat Lovers Choose Guardling™ Over Competitors

Categories Guardling™ Competitors
 Durability  Lasts up to 9 years Needs to be replaced every 6 months
Safety Adhesive material - no pins or harmful chemicals Sharp pins and cheap plastic hurt cats
Visibility  Transparent and virtually Invisible Shines brightly, even contains solid colors
Flexibility Flexible design fits to cover all sizes of furniture Rigid build only fits certain sizes

Loving Cat Owners Who Protected Their Furniture 


My cat is part feline part demon and every exposed corner of my EXPENSIVE couch will be clawed till I cry. I've tried everything - no spray worked and I bought cheap plastic corner folders to try. Nothing. These things are magic. The look on his face when he couldn't sink his claws in my couch was priceless. I will definitely be buying more. If you have a demon cat like me and can deal with a little vinyl on your couch, these things will save you.

- Danny Martin

  My kitty Smeagol Says Thanks Alot!!! :P

I have 4 very angry cats! They can't tear up my new furniture anymore!

- Dana

  Easy to put on and works!

My kitty was doing a number on our new chair, especially the corners. After putting on Guardling she's not interested any more. Definitely was a lifesaver of a purchase

- Grace P.

  Does its job.

I have to say that the product was not exactly what I had envisioned but it is working.  Where this actually worked better is in the fact that my cat was doing a number on an area slightly less than the size of the protector therefore covering the area completely. They are clear and almost invisible. Bottom line satisfied!

- Kent

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How Guardling™ Works for You

Somehow for cat lovers, cats can be an amazing friend at one moment and an absolute demon the next!

Does your cat just seem to love tearing up your expensive furniture?

'cuz mine sure does!

Thankfully, Guardling™ provides a way to stop the evil side of your feline from ruining your furniture. And at the same time your cat will remain safe. 

Adhesive Material

Guardling's adhesive PVC and PP materials provide a powerful stick to the corner of your furniture. No need for any dangerous pins. 

Your kitty is safe from the dangers of choking or being poked! 

Strong Build

Each protector's width is thick enough to prevent an onslaught of scratches. And the material's military grade strength drastically reduces wear.

Guardling™ lasts for up to 9 years of use! 

Flexible Design

Guardling™ is completely bendable, allowing it to fit any corner size of furniture.

No need to worry about whether you got the right fit - it always fits!

Clear Color

The clear PVC and PP keep Guardling™ virtually invisible. You shouldn't have to sacrifice your furniture's beauty to protect it.

Keep it shielded while being unnoticeable with Guardling™.

Help Your Furniture Win the Fight!

Product Details

Material: PVC and PP

Color: Transparent                                       

Package Size: 20cm x 5cm x 5cm

Package Includes: 2 * Guardling™ Cat Scratch Furniture Guards

More Owners Who Shielded Their Furniture from Harm


I purchased these because my destructive cats tore up two sofas. I purchased a new sofa and didn't want to go down that road again if I could help it. I have already tried sprays, calming scent diffusers, and double sided tape....none of these worked. I put these on two sofas and so far my cats have left them least I haven't caught them. I have had them on for a couple of months. You don't even really notice them either.

- Krissie

  Really good product.

Wonderful. My old couch got really torn up so today I applied Guardling to both arms where one of my cats likes to sharpen her claws. They are sleek, modern, as attractive as possible for furniture protection and I'm going to reorder more as needed.

- YAtherapist

  Works great, thickness prevents any clawing

I bought these after everything else failed. Cat double sided tape, stopped for a bit, then they clawed through it. At least 3 different sprays, my cats actually seemed to like the smell. Put clawing boards every where. Guardling is thick, easy to adhere to furniture and the cats walk right by my furniture without a glance! Thank You! I have since bought more


We're so sure you'll love your Guardling™ Furniture Protector you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't let your cat's sudden demonic possession ruin your expensive furniture - stop them with Guardling™!

But hurry! Sale ends today.

Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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