KittyPotty™ Cat Toilet Training Kit
KittyPotty™ Cat Toilet Training Kit
KittyPotty™ Cat Toilet Training Kit
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KittyPotty™ Cat Toilet Training Kit

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STOP Messing Around With Dirty Litter - Toilet Train Your Cat Easily! 

  • Train Cat to Use Toilet: an effective system teaches your kitty to use the toilet every time
  • Stop Cleaning Gross Messes: no move sifting through nasty litter boxes and cleaning dirty messes
  • Save Thousands of $ On Litter: with your cat using the toilet, you save thousands of $$$ in lifetime litter costs
  • Fits All Toilet Sizes: KittyPotty™ is compatible no matter what size and shape of toilet you have
  • Easily Remove in Seconds: when you gotta "go" you can remove the training system in seconds

Cat Owners Who Love KittyPotty™

  Works too well? You've been warned...

Works too well?
I am walking briskly to my condominium one particular evening after work. I gotta take a dump, bad. I thrust open the door fling my keys, wallet, and phone on the counter by passing my cat who is patiently awaiting her dinner. I kick my shoes off in mid stride as i rush towards the restroom. I am now jogging into the bathroom, I loosen my belt, pull my pants down, and begin the descent towards the seat. As i am in the process of lowering onto the seat i hear thunderous footsteps, i turn to look as i am half way to my desired destination. It is the cat, she propels herself onto the toilet. Her tail glides softly across my bum as i abort my mission mid landing. I stand up pants at my ankles, head turned over my shoulder watching as my cat circles around the toilet for 6 arrogant seconds. She proceeds to waddle on the edge as if to say, "this is mine and there ain't s*** you gonna do about it" *plop plop she takes a dump right in front of me. I am still standing pants at my feet, humiliated, disrespected, and full of shame. The cat turns around scratches at the toilet seat and runs off with no regret or thought of sympathy for me. I reach over and flush the toilet, suddenly realizing i have been forced to become an indentured servant. Was it this product that turned my cat into a dictator in 3 and half months of training and use?
Find out for yourself but don't tell me i didn't warn you.

- Aaron Kunst

  Be patient!

Be patient! This took me two attempts over several months before we got it down! This was nasty and frustrating at times but obviously my small sphinx finally got it down! Do not attempt unless you have the time to dedicate to it. In the beginning you will need to change the litter pan frequently. I used this with Swheat scoop litter. Do not punch out the entire ring! I made this mistake and had to buy a whole new kit. Make it a gradual transition for your cat and only cut out about 1/4 of the ring at a time. Even less when you get to the last 2 rings. This will take months but greatly increase your chances of success! Trust me, if you rush your cat you might find cat crap in your house plants or laundry baskets :/ and if you are torn between this and other products I preferred this one because it's a lot more of a gradual process( again, do not cut out the entire rings!). Overall if you have the time and patience, you can train any cat!

- sarah9328

  Toilet train cat. Check.

We recently adopted a cat (about 1 year old) and decided to immediately start on the toilet training process while she was still young. I should mention that neither myself nor my boyfriend know a single thing about cats. I've always been a dog person so this was quite a new adventure.

The whole process took us about 4 months. We took our time and it definitely paid off (we could have actually taken a lot less time and it would have been fine, she caught on quickly but I didn't want to rush it). My cat only had 3 accidents total during this whole process, so she caught on pretty quick.

One thing I found helpful was treats!! She now associates using the toilet as getting treats. I'll frequently come home from work and she'll meow and lead me right to the toilet if she knows she's done a number earlier in the day.

Every cat is different, this worked very well for our cat and it's worth a try for anyone wanting to toilet train their cat!

- Wheres Me Coffee

  Worked for me

With 2 kitties, the litter box was in constant use and my floors were pretty trashed with grit, so I took a chance and bought the kit.

At first, one kitty took to using it right away, but the other was reluctant and pooped in a few dark corners of the house. However Kitty 1 seemd to enjoy using it in front of me, and got heaps of praise - making the other a little jealous. He soon began using it and both got lots of kudos and treats.

What's really interesting as the opening got larger, Kitty 1 figured out that hitting the hole was preferable to using the litter part of the rings. When Kitty 2 wasn't lined up right, #1 used his paw to push the other's butt directly over the hole. Teamwork!

- Jonathan Evans

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Over 19,100 Cats Successfully Trained With KittyPotty™ so Far!

Why Smart Cat Owners Like You Choose KittyPotty™

Cats can be your best friend one moment and a mortal enemy the next.

Of course that's why we love them so much!

But you know what we can both agree on that's not to love?

Cleaning out the litter box and dirty messes. 


Not to mention the countless amounts of $$$ spent on cat litter year after year.

What if there was a way to toilet train your cat? Would you even believe it?

Well guess what... There is!

KittyPotty™ uses proven pet psychology to teach your cat to use the toilet just like you.

Amazing right? Of course!

Say goodbye to dirty litter and stop paying tons of money each month.

Effective Training

KittyPotty™ was developed by veterinarians and pet behavioralists. 

This is the best and only proven method to teach your feline to use the toilet.

No More Cleaning

No litter boxes = no litter. And no litter = no kitty mess. 

With your cat doing its duty straight into the toilet, you won't have any more litter across your floor.

Saves You Money

Once your kitty is toilet-trained you won't have worry about buying litter ever again.

That's right! Use all that money to go somewhere nice instead.

Fits All Toilet Sizes

The training system was built to be compatible with all size and shapes of toilet seats. 

Rest assured knowing that it'll fit yours too.

Easily Removable

We haven't forgotten that you still have to satisfy your human bathroom needs too. 

KittyPotty™ can removed in seconds whenever you have to take care of business. 

3 Easy Steps to Use

There's Nothing Else Out There Like This On the Market!

And It's Only Available HERE

Product Details

Color: White

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 2" x 16" x 16"

Weight: 1.6 lbs

More Happy KittyPotty™ Cat Lovers!

  They kittens love that there is water...

Works really well. We still have two more layers to go. We slowed down because they are kittens and they need to get a tad bigger. The black kitty below (Sagwa) goes completely in the toilet every time. Autumn is a tad slower and still likes trying to poo on the rim itself. She is also half a pound lighter hence us slowing down to her pace. Over time they get the hang of it. They kittens love that there is water underneath. That's a game in itself. Look forward to no more litter!!

- Jaleane Stacy

  It worked.

Used it with my 3-4 month old kitten - I started the first week of November 2014- and he was completely trained using the bathroom by the end of the month - the only problem I have now is he splashes water everywhere before very time he uses the toliet .im thinking he may or may not stop this in the future - he does the same thing with his water bowl too We made sure to give him treats after every use - I think this is a great product - just might not work with every cat - I love it either way

- David Weinstein

  It's a win/win. Buy it!

On week 4 and having great results so far. Transition from ground to toilet was a breeze. Cat immediately switched to using the flushable litter with no hesitation (we keep small amounts of the included catnip sprinkled on top). Within five minutes of cutting out the first ring she had already figured out how to pee in the hole. She wasn't as accurate in the following days, but is obviously trying to go #1 AND #2 in the hole each time she goes to the bathroom. Today we cut out the third ring and, as she normally does, she came to supervise any and all activity and/or construction in her "room". Curiosity arose and we snapped a pretty funny pic of her trying to work through this strange, progressive step towards becoming a graduate of KittyPotty.

- Jordan C.

We're so sure you'll love your KittyPotty™ Cat Toilet Training Kit, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't clean up disgusting litter box messes any longer. Save a ton of money and toilet train your cat now!

But Hurry - Sale ENDS TODAY!

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