Ionic DermaWand™
Ionic DermaWand™
Ionic DermaWand™
Ionic DermaWand™
Ionic DermaWand™
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Ionic DermaWand™

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Get That Flawless, Silky Smooth Skin That You've Always Dreamed Of!

Smooth and silky skin is the dream of a lot of women. Most are already sick and tired of multiple trips to derma clinics or costly skin care products that don't deliver the desired results. You can look at it in two ways: either bad science or expensive con.

The Ionic DermaWand™ is a revolutionary product that will change all that! This handy photon device works like a charm. It effectively cleans the skin and gets rid of all the harmful substances and pathogens that trigger the development of common problems like acne.  

Its heating and massaging action improves circulation and metabolism. This results in the efficient delivery of essential skin nutrients as well as the elimination of metabolic wastes.

In addition, the Ionic DermaWand™ offers a safe and reliable way to improve facial skin pigmentation and elasticity. Hence, you get that whitening effect while getting rid of those wrinkles and fine lines. Talk about getting the maximum bang for your hard-earned buck!  


  • A handy photon device for skin care
  • Ergonomic design, adapts perfectly to facial contour
  • Kills bacteria in the skin and pores
  • Stability of the heat and bio-electric current can effectively reduce the grease of pimples, inhibiting their formation
  • Treats individual acne for people with mild to moderate breakouts
  • Improves blood circulation and expedites metabolism
  • Dries out blemishes and helps reduce fine lines
  • Relaxes strained skin
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Not available in stores


Material: ABS+stainless steel
Input voltage: DC 4.5V
Battery: 3  x  AA Battery (not included)
Product size: 230*30*30mm
Package size: 520*80*55mm

Package Include:

1 x  Ionic DermaWand
1 x  Holder 

Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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