DeWrinkler™ - Wrinkle Releasing Dryer Balls
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DeWrinkler™ - Wrinkle Releasing Dryer Balls

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At Last...A Revolutionary Product That Turns Your Dryer Into a Wrinkle Releasing Machine!

  • REMOVES wrinkles without having to iron your clothes!
  • STEAM TECHNOLOGY releases creases with ease
  • SAVE 20% on power & fabric softeners 
  • SOFTENS clothes & reduces static for fluffier fabrics
  • CUTS DRYING TIME making your dryer run more efficiently
  • DURABLE enough to last years!
  • WORKS on all fabrics

Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes Without Ironing!

The DeWrinkler™ allows you to get wrinkle-free clothes by turning your dryer into a high-powered clothing steamer. It is the FASTEST way to get rid of wrinkles!

Your dress shirts will come out looking neat, while pants look new & well pressed. Even pillow cases & bed sheets come out silky smooth!

This product is so good it is used in world-class hotels & top airline companies!

Save 20% on Electricity... No More Wasting Money on Fabric Softeners & Dryer Sheets!

The DeWrinkler™ cuts drying time & runs your dryer more efficiently. This has been proven to reduce energy costs by up to 20%! You get additional savings because there's no need to buy fabric softeners.

Get Softer, Ready-to-Wear Clothes Right Out of the Dryer!

The DeWrinkler™ is no ordinary dryer puts steam technology right into your dryer! It unleashes the power of steam to give you softer, fluffier & more comfortable fabrics.

As your dryer heats up, the TriTECH® Steaming System goes to work by releasing steam through the nodules. As it passes over your clothes, the steam gently removes wrinkles, while softening the fabric at the same time.

There's nothing else like it! Here's how it works....

 The DeWrinkler™ does it all! No irons, no dryer sheets, no fabric softeners. Save time & money!  

Read What Our Customers Have To Say About It..

By Jewel on June 1, 2018

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A staple in my laundry room

"I have used these for months now. If you're like me and don't get the clothes out of the dryer as soon as they are done and don't want to iron - you'll love these things. I have turned all my girlfriends on to these little wonders - much cheaper than a new steam dryer and just as good:)"

By Nancy Ambrose on May 25, 2018

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Works really well and great for skin sensitivities

"I love the DeWrinkler since my son has eczema issues and sensitive skin. I don't have to use fabric softening sheets in the dryer & my clothes still come out soft. I also sew a TON and love using these in the dryer when I'm prewashing my fabric. It helps prevent the deep set in wrinkles I used to deal with and spend HOURS ironing out. I love these!"

By Jessica on May 18, 2018

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Excellent results

"This product is great. I bought them when they first came out, and use them all the time. I hang my tops to dry which leaves them wrinkled I throw them in the dryer on delicate with Mister Steamy for just a few mins and they come out wrinkle free. I recommend this product to anyone that's not into ironing."

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Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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