JetFloss™ Air Powered Dental Water Jet
JetFloss™ Air Powered Dental Water Jet
JetFloss™ Air Powered Dental Water Jet
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JetFloss™ Air Powered Dental Water Jet

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BLAST Away Debris from Teeth With This NEW Air Powered Device

  • Enjoy Clean Teeth: remove stubborn plaque and debris from your teeth
  • Clean Difficult Places: wash out hard-to-reach places you couldn't get to before
  • No Cords or Batteries: air power design lets you avoid fiddling with cords or buying extra batteries
  • Fast and Easy to Use: super simple to operate and takes only seconds for a full clean
  • Works With Braces: children with braces or other dental work can use JetFloss™ just as well

Over 19,000 Sold so Far!

Experience CLEANER Teeth

You already know how easy it is to get your teeth dirty. With all the great food and drinks out there, it's hard to keep your chompers clean!

Oftentimes this food builds up into bacteria and plaque. It can be annoying to feel in between your teeth. Not to mention they start to smell after a while.


Traditional floss just doesn't do the job, and other water jets are just way too expensive. 

Thankfully, JetFloss™ gives you a powerful clean at a valuable price. 

It works better than other streams, and is more effective than traditional floss. And with the specially designed curved tip, you can reach places you never could before!

Enjoy truly clean teeth, and keep eating all the food you want. Just remember to let JetFloss™ keep your mouth nice and healthy :)

Easy and Convenient 

When you're thinking about hygiene (which is hopefully often), the last thing you want is a product that's difficult to use!

What's the point of buying something if it's too complicated to even begin? There is none!

That's why we've made JetFloss™ as straightforward and user-friendly as possible. 

JetFloss™ is super easy to use. It only takes the press of a button to launch out a powerful stream of water. 

Using Air Infusion Technology, simply pressing the button initiates a jet of liquid that cleans all kinds of debris.

Better yet, this means there are NO batteries and NO cords. Save your time and money! 

Perfect for Children or Adults with Braces

Braces can be a burdensome task to clean. Trust me, I've had braces before. So if you or your child has them now, I 100% understand how hard they can be to clean. 

That's why JetFloss™ was developed to work just as well for people with braces. 

The curved tip design not only reaches difficult places in your teeth, but also areas in your braces.

Don't worry about food getting stuck between your wires any longer. If you ever run into trouble, turn to JetFloss™ to clean them out fast and easy.

Built to Last

JetFloss™ is compact and durable. You can take it with you everywhere without worrying about damage. And it barely takes up any space.

The eco-friendly plastic material built into JetFloss™ is impact-resistant. This means that even after your 10th drop, it'll still work like a charm.

It's great for kids that are a little rough with their toys, and perfect for us adults who can be a little clumsy from time to time. 

Enjoy a product that lasts. Because using one that doesn't is worthless. 

Choose JetFloss™, rest assured it'll work for years to come.


1. Fill device with water or mouthwash 

2. Line up tip to teeth where you want the stream to floss

3. Press down on green button with finger for air powered jet stream

Product Details

Weight: approx. 50g

Material: eco-friendly

Style: dental irrigator

Package Includes:

1 x JetFloss™

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Happy JetFloss™ Customers!

  Excellent teeth cleaner. Easy storage.

The Jetfloss cleans so much stuff out of those spaces between my teeth. It's amazing! I usually refill the reservoire 3 times when I use it. It works like a charm every time. I like so much, that I have purchased more for friends and family a few times already. The advantage over the other kinds of flossers, is that it stores so compactly and is out of the way when not in use.

- Richard C.

  Five stars

Works great and you do not have to spend the money on other monster sized jet streams that don't work any better. Save your time and get this jet stream. There's no need to even buy actual floss anymore.

- Ms. Hansen

  Great products

This is a great product for people who have crowns. And people who can’t buy other ridiculously expensive products It’s great for kids that need to learn to water floss too. Very easy and fun to use. Also works well with braces!

- Deb


My kids LOVE this. No batteries, fill up with water and press. Both girls have braces and are using this like crazy.

- Lynn Hackket

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We're so sure you'll love your JetFloss™ Air Powered Dental Water Jet, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Finally enjoy clean teeth without all the extra nonsense.

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