Electric Eye Massager
Electric Eye Massager
Electric Eye Massager
Electric Eye Massager
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Electric Eye Massager

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Give Your Eyes a Break and Spare Yourself from Migraine and Vision Problems! 

The eyes are one of the most overworked parts of the human body. Every person uses them all day, every day. Over-fatigued eyes may lead to astigmatism, short-sightedness, far-sightedness, and even migraine, most especially for students or people who work with computers all day.

This amazing product uses the principles of acupressure and other traditional Chinese medicine to gently relieve muscle aches and strain around the eyes. It has 22 finger-like health massagers hat have multi-frequency vibration that focuses on each massage point.

In the long run, the precision eye massage relieves stress and may even improve appearance of the eye area. Use the Electronic Eye Massager after working at the computer for hours or simply to relax them after a long day.


  • Made of quality ABS material, which is safe, non-toxic, and durable for long term use
  • Comes with soft silicone massage head which is effective in alleviating eye fatigue without side effects
  • Each massage head has a natural magnet which can activate the human body's magnetic field quickly, delivering a subtle massaging effect
  • The elastic band design fits snugly but comfortably to prevent slipping
  • Using this product is a good way to prevent teenage myopia
  • It can also ease dry eyes, help remove eye bags, reduce eye wrinkles, promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality
  • Offers 9 massage modes, you can customize it according to your needs
  • Refined design, attractive appearance, portable and easy to use.


  • Turn on the power and activate the automatic cycle mode, the device will display the 9 massage modes one by one automatically.
  • If you press the button again, the device stops immediately.
  • Press the time key to set the device to three minutes or five minutes.


Persons with eye injury or have undergone eye surgery are advised not to use the product.
Recommended for high myopia but under the guidance of a physician.
Children under the age of eight need adult guidance, and use the device no more than 20 minutes.
It is best not to wear contact lenses when using it.



Eye Massager Material:ABS
Power by DC or Battery: AAAx2 (Not included)
Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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