Footwell™ Insole Foot Therapy Cushion
Footwell™ Insole Foot Therapy Cushion
Footwell™ Insole Foot Therapy Cushion
Footwell™ Insole Foot Therapy Cushion
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Footwell™ Insole Foot Therapy Cushion

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Improve Health, Lose Weight - the Ultimate Therapeutic Insole

  • Strengthens Immune System: specially made acupressure notches pinpoint areas that boost your health
  • Slims You Down: design provides the best fit for speeding up weight loss
  • Relieves Pain: grooves work tirelessly to relieve you from nagging foot pain and discomfort
  • Stays Comfortable: universal shape keeps you comfortable all day long using premium shock absorption technology 
  • Provides Cool Air: ventilation areas throughout the insole allow for smooth airflow so you don't sweat 
  • Washer Friendly: when you do feel like it needs a clean, just throw it in the washer

Footwell™ Users Who've Become Healthier


I am so thrilled with these insoles, I bought 2 of them and I am very happy I did! I went undiagnosed with flat feet for a long time and this is pretty much the only insole that has been effective for knee, ankle, and foot pain that also doesn't make my feet ache. The fit is perfect. Thank you for an amazing product and for making it affordable!

- TJ

  Great price for a revolutionary insole

These were just what I needed - a solid arch for feet that want to pronate. They were easy to trim to fit and my 15 year old son says they feel good in his shoes. I love the low price too. I buy him new shoes about every 6 months because he wears the same pair all the time, and I like to put a new orthotic in each time. I don't want to spent a lot on an orthotic, but I need one with a solid arch & this does the trick very nicely.

- T. Moore

  Better than customs!

I bought a prior of these recently, stuck 'em in a pair of shoes and Whoa. let's step back a bit. I suffer with sciatic pain that I've been working on for 18 months. A few moths ago I purchased a pair of custom formed support insoles at a premium price. Ouch. they worked but were a bit painful. Probably over done a bit. So I used them on and off. Wanting something a little less impacting but still provided help I tried these Footwell's. Boy I'm I pleased I did. Have used them everyday and no prospect of changing. Very nice. Also, I have actually lost 5 pounds!

- GWH128

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Why Smart People Like You Choose Footwell™

Foot pain is the worst, we all know it. 

The discomfort of walking can be almost unbearable at times. It can seem like it's the end of the world.

Even worse, did ya' know that foot discomfort is directly related to a myriad of other health problems?

Yupp - weight gain, stress, poor immune system, you name it. Foot pain causes all these things. 

And that sucks! But how can you stop it?

Well with most insole products out there on the market, the truth is you can't. 

But with Footwell™ Insole Therapy Cushion, you can.

That's right. And not just stop it. But actually improve your overall health as well.

Here's why Footwell™ is the best product to relieve your discomfort:

Improves Health

The cushion's spread out clumped up blood vessels in your soles that restrict blood flow. And excess heat is absorbed at the same time.

Footwell™ dismantles harmful material in your vessels such as calcium, lactic acid, and uric acid.

Relieves Pain

Scientifically placed acupressure points on each cushion provide you with fast pain relief. 

Using it more simply equates to more pain relief for you. So keep using Footwell™ whenever you'd like to completely relieve yourself of discomfort. 

Slims You Down

The combination of improved blood flow and a specially designed shape speeds up the weight loss process. 

When you move in Footwell™, you will lose more weight at a hire rate. Say hello to those old skinny jeans again!

Provides Ventilation 

Footwell™ isn't like other insoles as you can see. And one thing we definitely do better is keeping you from having sweaty feet.

Calculated ventilation areas placed around each cushion give you the airflow you need. Keep your feet dry and not smelling terrible. 

Stays User Friendly

Footwell™ doesn't just give you all kinds of health benefits. It's also extremely user friendly too.

It's universal and cuttable fit allows the cushions to fit into your shoe no matter the size. 

And when you think it needs to be washed, you can throw it right in the machine without fear of damage.

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Product Details

Color: Brown

Material: Fiber + Medical Silicone Gel

Fit: Men's Sizes 6 - 15, and Can be Cut to Fit Any Women's Size

More Happy Footwell™ Users!

  Great inserts for planters fasciitis 

Bought a pair of these to try, and have since bought two more pairs. For me, the work as well as inserts costing 2x/3x as much. I walk 6-10 miles a day which aggravates my planters fasciitis without inserts. Particularly like that these are thin enough to fit in my hunting boots. They also have definitely slimmed me down a bit. And I feel a lot healthier and happier

- Lot308

  Wow!! Instant pain relief!!

I was somewhat skeptical about this product upon reading the reviews but, being in desperate need of pain relief, I decided to give it a try anyway. Wow!! Am I glad I did!! I have heel spurs and an achilles injury, and the pain from these has become unbearable. I wore a stablizing brace for a couple weeks, but it did not help ease the pain. My feet hurt so much that I must put my shoes on immediately as I get out of bed in the morning, otherwise I can barely walk. It does take a couple days to get used to them as the massage is a weird but good feeling, but, even so, the pain relief was IMMEDIATE!! Walking without shoes is agony, walking in regular athletic shoes provides a little relief, and walking with these inserts provides the most relief I've had in months!! The inserts are sized just right, and they fit perfectly inside every pair of shoes I've tried them with. I'm so glad I found this product!

- Sarah B

  So far so good.

I'm only on my seventh day of wearing them. So far so good. I had plantar facia surgery which they botched up and released too much of it causing an immediate collapse of my arch. I had custom orthotics that were $300 which didn't work that well. So far these are much better. I will review again in a few months on how well they hold up. Still waiting to see whether I lose any weight or not. 

- Butch

We're so sure you'll love your Footwell™ Insole Foot Therapy Cushions, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't wait any longer to lose weight, end pain, and feel better!

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