Floaty™ - Baby Neck Safety Floater
Floaty™ - Baby Neck Safety Floater
Floaty™ - Baby Neck Safety Floater
Floaty™ - Baby Neck Safety Floater
Floaty™ - Baby Neck Safety Floater
Floaty™ - Baby Neck Safety Floater
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Floaty™ - Baby Neck Safety Floater

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Finally a 100% Safe Bath Time!

See how Floaty™ helped thousands of parents become worry free when it comes to bath time...

It's Dangerous...

Everybody knows how bath time can be dangerous for babies and young kids.

We've all seen the headlines... Here's what a quick search results in Google show...

Even huge networks like babycenter.com is warning people ↓

You should IN NO WAY let your baby alone. 

But still, moments of inattention can happen at any time and that's what's making it risky.

Floaty™ is now bringing back peace of mind to exhausted parents

It's a revolutionary "inflatable floating neck" that wraps around your baby's neck to give an extra layer of safety.

It makes it IMPOSSIBLE for your baby to get their head under water and drown.

Oh and it's the best way to prevent HYDROPHOBIA at an early age!

Does your baby become agitated when water is being poured over his or her head? It's one of the symptoms and most parents don't even know about it!

Make bath time a fun time. The sooner you introduce your baby to water, the easier it is for them to enjoy the environment. Experts claim that it would make it easier for them to learn how to swim too!  

Designed by a group of parents concerned for their child's safety, they thought about EVERYTHING;

  • Double Safety Layers - If one of the ballon is damaged, there's a double layer that will still make it float and stay safe.
  • Head Firmly Held In Place - There are adjustable safety buckles making that cute little face always stay firmly in place.
  • Easy to Use/Carry- The 2 Handles on the front are making it super easy for the parents to move/control their kid in the water.
  • Will Never Ever Break - Stitched with hot-melt technology, a very solid and durable technology.
  • Safe For Your Baby's Skin - Made with environmentally safe materials. Safe for the environment means safe for your baby.
  • Beautiful & Attractive Design - Your kid will think Floaty™ is a toy and won't be afraid.

*We're partnering with them to give you the best price possible. It's only for a limited time - while our stocks last.*


Cheaper floaters can hurt your baby and can even make them slip out of the floater!


Floaty™ is specifically designed to hold their head firmly in place. It also uses hot-melt technology to prevent any perforation of the material! 

Make bath time the true fun and relaxing time it's supposed to be. Don't risk it anymore!

Get yours today and help us making this world a safer place for babies & toddlers! 

Here's What Other Conscientious Parents Are Saying...



  • For babies 8+ weeks
  • Material: Green activists PVC
  • Size: Pneumatic internal diameter: 9cm/3.54 - Pneumatic outer diameter: 37cm/14.56inch



Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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