InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap
InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap
InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap
InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap
InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap
InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap
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InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap

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Catch TONS of Fish, Shrimp, and Crab Easily With This REVOLUTIONARY Device

  • No Work Required: trap baits in fish automatically even when you're not around
  • Catch Tons of Fish: 360 degree double-decker design captures 3 times more fish than similar traps
  • Easily Remove Catches: specially placed large zipper makes it easy to take out your catches
  • No Installation Required: simply pull the top string and the net opens up fast
  • Built to Last: steel wire frame and military-grade mesh keep trap durable

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Automatically Catch More Fish than Ever Before

Let's face it, sometimes fishing can be pretty frustrating. Some days you get kinda lucky, but most days are a bore.

It sucks waiting all that time only to find you've barely caught anything...

Let's change that!

InstaCatch™ makes catching lots of sea creatures a breeze. And best of all, you don't need to do any of the work. 

The 360 degree double-decker design is perfect for capturing smelt, eels, crab, lobster, minnows, shrimp, crawfish and more!

You'll be amazed at how many things you've caught. Once you try InstaCatch™ you'll never go back to any other device. 

Convenient and Easy to Use

There's lots of different kinds of traps out there. But you know the one bad thing they all have in common?

They take forever to set up or install!

It's a pain in the butt trying to configure a trap when all you want to do is catch fish. We've changed this so you don't have to anymore.

InstaCatch™ doesn't require any installation or setup process. 

Simply pull the string at the top of the trap to quickly open up the net. That's it!

And when you're finished marveling at all the creatures you've caught, removing them is a breeze. Just unzip the large zipper and take out your catches without any trouble. 

Bring It With You Everywhere

Lightweight mesh coupled with a foldable design makes InstaCatch™ the most portable trap out there. 

Don't lug around giant cages that barely work. It's a waste of your energy and time. Plus there are so many places you can't bring it.

On the other hand, InstaCatch™ can fit right into your bag. You won't even notice it!

Enjoy being able to take your ultimate trap wherever you want, whenever you want. There's no wasted energy or time.

Just focus on what you enjoy the most. Catching a bunch of fish!

Lasts Through All Kinds of Conditions

What's the point in having a fishing device that rusts? Or one that breaks easily? There is none! It just doesn't make sense. 

Don't make a bad choice wasting your money on products that quickly breakdown. We've all done this before. And I especially don't want it to happen to you again.

We guarantee the InstaCatch™ will play its part in being as possible. 

Made with military-grade mesh and steel wire framing, each trap is as durable as they come. No need to worry about all your catches escaping from a faulty device!

InstaCatch™ is reliable so that you can fish without concern.

Product Details

Diameter: 72 cm - 90 cm

Material: mesh

Thickness: 0.5 mm

Height: 25 cm

Package Includes:

1 x InstaCatch™ Trap

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Happy InstaCatch™ Customers

  Works great!!! Amazing pull first day.

Excellent trap. Very easy to use. For my first night I used dog food as the bait. Couldn't believe what I found the next morning, we had lots of minnows, over two dozen shrimp and two large stone crabs. One tip, is to unzip the opening on the side and cut that area open so when you unzip you can empty your catch there. Would definitely buy again

- Joshua Howard

  This works!

This works! First try caught about 50 minnows in about 5 minutes! Tied an empty water bottle to the rope so we could see where the trap was, didn't need weights. We used all natural cheeto puffs for bait (shhh, don't tell anyone).Going to buy a couple more to try at the coast.

- Crystal H.

  Easy to use and carry

I love eating fish and crabs but I'm not good at catching them. This fishing net makes it much more easier. I've used it a couple of times and caught numerous fish. It's very easy to use, just pull the string on top and it opens automatically. And then put some bait in the center and wait for fish to get into the trap. Another good thing is it doesn't take much of space when folded so it's easy to take on a trip. Hopefully we'll get some crabs on our trip to the beach later.

- Billy Halford

  Worked so well I ordered another!

Very simple and easy to use! Just took it to the lake last weekend, attached a rope to the net and threw it out. Checked net after ten minutes and had two blue gill inside. Continued to check throughout my time at the lake and kept pulling out more fish and crawfish which I used for live bait! Worked so well I ordered another!

- Kristin

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We're so sure you'll love your InstaCatch™ Strengthened Mesh Fishing Trap, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Go on and enjoy the most successful fishing days you've ever had!

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