Headlight Pro Kit
Headlight Pro Kit
Headlight Pro Kit
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Headlight Pro Kit

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Are your headlights still bright as they were?


Yellow and oxidised headlights generally denotes a car that has spent much of its life under the sun often without care - regardless of how well the internals are maintained, and we all know how that's going to affect the resale value of your vehicle!

Not only is a yellow headlight unattractive but it also can be potentially very dangerous as it reduces the amount of light that is shining through the lens at night!

The Headlight Pro Kit is used to restore taillights, headlights, directional, and fog lights. It features a unique polishing compound and abrasive technology to make hazy and yellowed headlights look like new.

  • Restores clarity, provides a deep clean to yellowed, hazed headlights
  • Increases visibility and safety
  • Can be used on all lenses,such as tail lights, trailers, boat windows, helmet visors, motorcycle windscreens, snowmobiles and more
  • Easy operation,3-steps to improves appearance and increases value
  • Apply the UV protect liquid to prevent the future yellowing and discoloration


- 2 x P800 Sanding Discs
- 2 x P1200 Sanding Discs
- 2 x P2000 Sanding Discs
- 2 x 40gm Polish Paste
- 2 x 3.0ml Protect Liquid
- 1 x Backer Pad M10 Thread
- 1 x Adaptor
- 1 x Sponge Disc
- 1 x Sponge Disc White
- 1 x Mask Tape (300x2cm)

Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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