LuxeScreen™ Liquid Nano Phone Screen Protector
LuxeScreen™ Liquid Nano Phone Screen Protector
LuxeScreen™ Liquid Nano Phone Screen Protector
LuxeScreen™ Liquid Nano Phone Screen Protector
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LuxeScreen™ Liquid Nano Phone Screen Protector

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Protect Your Phone Screen Without Crappy Glass Products

  • Stop Damaging Scratches: 9H hardness rated military-grade nano prevents scratches from occurring 
  • Reduce Fingerprints: a scientific chemical formula drastically reduces the formation of smudges  
  • Improve Screen Visibility: liquid color restoration improves screen visibility and brightness
  • Use for Up to 2 Years: LuxeScreen™ will durably last you up to 2 full years of usage
  • Works With All Devices: compatible with any portable advice - use on your phone or tablet!
  • 100% Safe: each chemical used is completely safe and harmless to humans or animals

Competitor Comparison

Category LuxeScreen™ Competitor A Competitor B
 Scratch-resistant Yes Yes Yes
Smudge-resistant Yes Yes No
Visibility Improvement
No No
Universal Compatibility
No Yes
100% Safe
Yes No
Lifespan 2 Years 6 Months 8 Months
Hardness Rating 9H 5H 6H
Price $23.95 $24.00 $30.00

Over 7,000 Screens Nano-Protected so Far!

Don't be Left Behind!

Phone Lovers Who Can't Get Enough of LuxeScreen™

  Pleasantly surprised

By this screen coating for my S7 Edge. While I love my phone I grew tired of the glass and film screen protectors for this particular phone because they either didn't stay on or had a "space" in between the screen and the protector that made using the phone near impossible. I drop my phone, a lot. Mostly because women's clothing, especially petite women's clothing all have tiny pockets these phones just spit out of. It does solve the scratching, smudging problem. Definitely keeps my screen nice and shiny. I did my phone, my husband's. Saved rest for a recoating.

- Joann

  This product is unreal!

This product is unreal! Who ever thought that a few drops could protect your screen? I've seen all the YouTube videos on these type of products before but I don't trust them. Even after applying this nano liquid I didn't feel the the screen is protected because you don't see anything. After having this on for a few weeks I can say with certainty - This product actually does work! There are less fingermarks on the screen The touch feels just as great as it did before applying this There are no bubbles or dust like you get with regular screen protector. It protects against scratches, I accidentally dropped my Iphone and it fell on the screen- the is not a single scratch on the screen! The phone looks so much better when there is nothing covering you screen and it's clearer. So easy to apply.

- ilay

  Perfect for curved display phones

This is the way to go for any smartphone with a curved edge. I also used the product to protect my smart watch face against scratches. Easy to apply. Never a problem with bubbles or cases which lift plastic or glass screen protectors.

- Gary

 Worth it.

This was my third order of these. They work well. A good price for such a product, and much better than others.


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Why Responsible Phone Owners Use LuxeScreen™

When you drop a few hundred bucks on a smart phone, the last thing you need is for the screen to get scratched.

Traditional glass and film screen protectors work...sometimes. But they often form bubbles and attract dirt. 

This usually ends up getting annoying for most people. Some aren't even able to use their phones anymore with an old protector on. 

Let me ask you a question. Do you want to continue buying expensive and ineffective screen protectors?

It doesn't take the rocket scientist within me to assume you answered "no."

LuxeScreen™ is for those who're tired of dropping money on crappy traditional protectors.

Just a few drops is all it takes to give your screen maximum military-grade nano protection for years!


The 9H hardness rated material keeps your phone reliably scratch-free.

Fingerprint Stopper

Annoying smudges are drastically reduced with LuxeScreen's anti-smudge formula.

Crystal Clear

Liquid nano not only makes your screen clearer, but increases color vibrancy as well.


After applying LuxeScreen™, you can be sure you're fully protected for as long as 2 years!


It doesn't matter what device you have. If it's portable and has a screen, you can protect it using nano liquid.

110% Safe

Each chemical found in the bottles are completely safe for use. There's no risk for burning skin or irritated eyes. 

Easy Steps to Use LuxeScreen™

Don't miss out on the #1 recommended product by Techies for Smartphone Longevity (TSL)

Product Details

Capacity: 2mL Material: military-grade nano liquid
Weight: 19g Volume: 19 x 10 x 1cm

Package Includes:

- 1 x Liquid Nano Bottle

- 2 x Dry Tissues                    

- 2 x Wet Tissues

- 1 x Corduroy

More LuxeScreen™ Fans!

 Really good product i used it for...

Really good product i used it for my iphone 8 plus and also for my apple watch 3 lte edition and it really protects, i already dropped my watch face down and no cracks or no scratches

- Norris Rodriguez

  Worth every cent!

I absolutely love LuxeScreen! I can't even count the amount of times that I have dropped my phone onto a hard surface. No cracks, scratches, any mark of any kind! I will continue to use this for my phone for as long as possible!

- jmoctezuma

  A MUST HAVE!!!!!

BEST THING EVER!!! My whole office is going to buy it.

- Yashema Mack

We're so sure you'll love your LuxeScreen™ Nano Liquid Phone Screen Protector, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Stop risking phone damage using products that don't work. Use the power of nano liquid to shield your screen from danger!

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