Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)
Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)
Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)
Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)
Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)
Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)
Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)
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Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts (1 pair)

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Short Height Killing Your Confidence? Become 2 Inches Taller Instantly!

  • Boost Your Self-Esteem: add up to 2 inches to your height for a quick confidence boost
  • Even Out Height Irregularities: equalize leg length if suffering from past broken hip or other problems 
  • Choose How Tall You Want to Be: adjustable 5-layer setup lets you raise and lower your height
  • Feel Comfortable All Day: soft inserts mold to your exact foot shape and provide sturdy support
  • Don't Worry About the Fit: silicone material allows inserts to shrink and expand to fit any shoe size

The Amazing Results of Tall™ Inserts

Confident Customers Who Increased Their Height

  One pair can be adjusted to various shoes

I purchased these for my husband who has one leg shorter than the other (about 1 inch difference). He liked the idea of being able to adjust the height to better fit the shoes. That means we only have to take the one pair on vacation. The insoles weigh less and are more comfortable than others that he has tried. He is big too, and I can see them still holding up for someone who is larger in size and weight.

- Harmony

   Great deal, super comfy.

I bought these for a cosplay, to go in a pair us lace up boots and they work perfectly. I got three out of five add-on levels to fit comfortably inside and they're great to walk on, way better than any pair of heels or wedges I've owned. Definitely better quality than I thought I'd get for 27$ too!

- Sara Heinburg :)

  Works well for my feet and my shoes

Great, i am 5’4”and these really make a different when I go out, even with my friends, i will wear the main sole plus two of the additions.... really like

- Jesus Escalante

  nice. thanks.

love this product. helps very well and comfortable too. i think i partly owe this product my job. i was recently promoted and these definitely made me feel more confident. there were other reasons for the promotion, but my confidence from these def played a part

- mkc
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Why People Choose Tall™

Whether you want Tall™ to use as a medical orthotic or to drastically improve your self-esteem, it'll do the job.

Isn't it about time you've found something that works for you? 

I think so. Here's how Tall™ makes your life better:


Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts add up to 2 inches on to your height! No tricks. Simply insert Tall™ into your shoes, and you're instantly taller.

Feel better. Smash your presentation. Boost attraction. Get the job you want. 


Tall's gel-like silicone expands and contracts while keeping its shape. 

Whether you wear a size 5 or a size 15, Tall™ will properly fill your shoe size.

You'll never have to worry about buying a new pair of shoes that fit it.


The military grade silicone material used in Tall™ is soft and snug without compromising sturdiness. 

The inserts mold to fit your foot shape. So no matter who you are, Tall™ will always keep you comfortable while maintaining your posture. 


The 5-layer adjustable system allows you to choose exactly how tall you want to be. Each layer is 1 cm wide.

Whether you want just 1 cm, a full blown 2 inches, or anywhere in between - you are free to pick the height that makes you feel the best. 

Increase Your Height, Gain Control of Your Life!

Competitor Comparison

Categories Tall™ Competitors
Comfort Soft silicone molds to your foot shape while staying sturdy Plastic material is very hard on your feet
Fit Inserts easily expand and contract to fit all shoe sizes Each can only fit their specific shoe size
Adjustability 5-layer system allows you to choose the height you want Lacks layer adjustability, leaving no height choice

Product Details

Material: Military Grade Silicone

Size: Fits All Shoe Sizes                         

Includes: 1 Pair of Tall™ Inserts

More Satisfied Tall™ Users

  Five stars

Works well as I broke my hip and my legs are not the same length,this evened them

- Patti G

  Be taller with the height increase.

If you want a few inches, why not?! A definite confidence booster..that's for sure.

- johnjohn221

  Gets the job done.

Awesome product works as intended and are very comfortable. Quick delivery and package in perfect condition. I use it every day and love that I can adjust height

- Ricardo Cavali

We're so sure you'll love your Tall™ Height Increase Shoe Inserts, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't let being shorter ruin your confidence any longer. Get taller instantly and feel like you're ready to conquer the world!

Stock is running out fast. Hurry to get yours before they're gone! 

Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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